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Effective Marketing Displays

Updated: May 7, 2021

In order to make the products attractive and yearning for consumers to spend in the retail shops, exhibition booths and food establishments, most of the stores will display posters or banners, which features their products and promotions.

These displays should be attractive enough to lead shoppers into the store and thus make purchases if they found merchandise or food to their liking.

The displays can be done in various forms.

Bigger displays can be posters on standees, pull up banners, X-stand banners, PVC banners and life size poster boards with aluminum standees.

We have helped many customers design and print their display banners.

So what are the contents should we put in the banners?

Firstly, the banner should display the branding style of the product brand.

Then we would put the promotion messages across, by using catchy text phrases or attractive photos in the design. This will let anyone who walks past catches attention easily.

Our suggestion is to avoid putting in too much text on the banners, as consumers won't have the patience to stay put to read and digest the chunk of information you are trying to put across.

An effectively designed display will definitely boost a brand’s awareness and stand out among the rest. They can also add value and public’s interest to the products!

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