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What makes a good website design?

Updated: May 7, 2021

Nowadays, It is essential that every business has its own website. It is the most basic way to reach out to your audiences. It can be a basic classic website or an E-commerce website with online shopping capabilities.

Why do we need to have a website? Does it really help the business?

Many will ask these questions and the answer is a resounding Yes!

In this fast moving and competitive digital era, many potential consumers are finding services or products online. Lots of online informations and sales are being generated each day. Having your own website does not only represents your company's image, it also allows you to stay actively competitive and is a good marketing avenue to promote your services or products to your targeted audiences.

Now, many might ask. What makes a good website?

There is no magic to a great website. However with our years of experiences, we have developed a good set of protocols and elements that are effective to create a great website.

A good website should have the following:

1. Content

It’s undeniable that content is the most important element in a website. It plays a major role in your search engine placement. The text information shared should be informative, direct and easy to understand.

We need to put in considerable effort in creating first class content for the website, which should include videos, relevant information and well taken photos to make the website interesting.

2. Easy Navigation

A successful website should be easy to navigate and information should be found easily from every page. A site map should always be included, as it will come in handy when users want to find the location of the information they are looking for.

3. Attractive Visual Design

We are always attracted to eye-candy objects. Likewise for websites, it is necessary for visitors to feel comfy visually when they look at the website. Base on the nature of the business, a suitable theme or mood should be correctly set through out the website. It is always a plus point to have a nicely designed site. Visitors have to be impressed and feel confident of the business so that they can become your potential customers.

As we always say, first impression counts. If the website cannot give a comfortable or good impression to the first time visitors to your site, it’s unlikely that they will have the patience or tendency to stay on the site to explore further.

4. Branding

The website should reflect the image of the business and the brand. Visitors will then be able to link the brand's logo to the marketing advertisements and products together. This will definitely enhance the image of the business and adds a strong level of credibility.

5. Mobile Friendly

With the growing usage of smartphones and tablets, web design should reflect effectively on the screens of different devices. You may lose out to other competitors if your website design does not support all screen sizes.

For instance, commuters always surf with their smartphones in their time on the transport. If your site is not mobile-friendly, the potential customer of your product may give up if they could not navigate your website on their screen.

6. Communication

People visit websites to get information, thus it’s very important that the web contents can communicate with the visitors effectively. Then they will be willing to spend more time exploring the site.

Information on site can attain communication efficiently by organizing information with a good use of headlines and subheadlines, using bullet points, rather than wordy and lengthy sentences.

In summary, the good web design determines set the foundation and the success of the website, and hence the business.

The website is the face of one’s business and potential customers will be feel more inviting to explore the site if the different aspects are fulfilled in an effective manner.

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